Jeremy Thomas Graham


"Only Take Advice From People Who Have What You Want"

what not to do

Serial Entrepreneur

Most businesses fail in the first five years due to poor preparation, prioritization, or resource allocation.

In the high-stakes world of entrepreneurship, experience is a priceless asset that can significantly impact the survival and success of a new venture.

Reading about roadmaps has its added advantages but someone who's walked the road knows where the potholes are.

All too often tunnel vision can set in on the wrong targets, the horse has to push the carriage up the hill, and the square peg doesn't fit into the round hole.

Fear not! I've already failed enough for the both of us so now we can get to the good stuff.

Why bother get into business if your goal isn't to stay in business?

Dreaming of Longevity?

how to do it

Marketing Strategy

Be it organic growth or biggest bang for your buck, let's keep your business top-of-mind for your ideal customer.

what to do

Business Development

Whether you're working towards market testing or ready to scale your startup, we can collaborate on identifying new growth opportunities.

Ideation: If you're passionate about an idea that is new or unusual in an interesting way or it's 10x better than a competitor's and you need help bringing it to fruition, I want to talk with you.

Market Test: DON'T DEVELOP ANYTHING! Survey the ideal customer base you want to service to find out exactly what they want and how much they're willing to pay for it.

Minimum Viable Product: You now know of a problem people will pay to solve, so build it with as few resources as possible and in a way that will allow you to course correct quickly.

Product Market Fit - Your First 10 Customers: You grew a list when you surveyed your ideal customers so now it's time to cash in and collect the feedback.

Go To Market - Your First 100 Customers: With a focus on organic attraction we can earn money while testing marketing strategies on a small scale.

Scale - Your First 1000 Customers: We know what works and have a growing marketing budget to create paid campaigns using the latest AI tools available.

Beyond: Do we need to secure funding from government grants, banks, or the sale of equity?

The Art & Science

Current Project:

With the bandwidth to take on one more

How Should We Partner?

Do you just need directions? Or someone to take you to your destination? Or a companion committed to the long haul?

Let's create a win-win relationship everyone is happy with and discuss fair compensation strategies depending on what stage your business is in.

Revenue Share - Monthly Retainer - Equity Split

Your First Million

Let's find out if we're a good fit for each other